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Management of Dermatology Cases with Homeopathy

I would highly recommend students and homeopaths alike to take these clinical courses. They are well laid out and easy to understand. They can help homeopaths to prescribe with Red line symptoms quickly and effectively. I look forward to taking more courses with these two homeopaths to further my knowledge of homeopathy and pathology- Stephanie Marwood, HOM
I would definitely recommend these classes. Dr.Sharma has 30 years of experience that he shares for particular conditions that will really be beneficial in clinical practice along with Dr.Nishant's knowledge and background in homeopathy.- Renu Qazi, HOM, MBBS
I attended the EMCH dermatology class and was very impressed by the information shared and the level of knowledge. The class was highly enlightening and broadened my knowledge immensely. Thank you, EMCH- Jennifer John Morris

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