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I would highly recommend students and homeopaths alike to take these clinical courses. They are well laid out and easy to understand. They can help homeopaths to prescribe with Red line symptoms quickly and effectively. I look forward to taking more courses with these two homeopaths to further my knowledge of homeopathy and pathology

Stephanie Marwood, HOM

"An absolute necessary class for any one who wants to get registered with the College of Homeopaths.  It has helped me in every which way it was possible to be helped.  Clear directions were given with tons of examples and material.  Great class!"  

Ruby Gill, Hom

"It's absolutely amazing and unbelievable how much effort Nishant puts into making sure each and every student understood how to write the cases for the application.  I'm deeply grateful and appreciative for Nishant's help with our  process of submitting the cases"

-  Julia Fridmar, HOM

"Nishant's class was invaluable in demystifying  both the application process as well as content requirements to make application to the College of Homeopaths"

Birgitta Adrian-Morley HOM 

Nishant’s Competency Class is well worth it.  Nishant presents in a clear, organized manner and clarifies each issue.  It makes all the difference after you have finished the class in enabling you to start the process with confidence.  It is a must!

- Karen Guenther, HOM

“Nishant is a great presenter that demystifies the complex TC requirements and translates it into simple language we can easily understand to complete the application process”  - Domenic Stanghini, HOM

I found the sub-acute class to be very informative and helpful.  Anil Sharma's focus on the keynotes of the remedies for the various body systems helps to clearly identify the remedy needed.  He brings with him many years  of homeopathic experience, and therefore he is able to share many important tips with the class.   I look forward to attending many more of his classes!
- Karen Guenther, HOM

“I attended the EMCH dermatology class and was very impressed by the information shared and the level of knowledge.  The class was highly enlightening and broadened my knowledge immensely.  Thank you, EMCH.”

                                                                                                                    Jennifer John Morris

"I attended few classes at this location.  I really like the way how they explain things and give us time to ask questions as well."

Saroj Kashyap, HOM

"The Class presented by Nishant Babusenan and Anil Sharma on the Use of Mother Tinctures in Clinical Practice was very knowledgeable wth information that is vital and from clinical experience with reference to materia medica. It has enhanced my knowlege and will be very helpful in my practice and support the prescription of the patient to bring healing. 
- Lucia Dias, HOM

Very interesting. Direct to the point teaching about MT very good presentation of cases.

- Guia Vita Melendres, HOM

"The topic was excellent which could help homeopathic practitioner i their daily practice. It was also nice and good to have clinical experiences of the presenters in both sessions of basic and clinical aspects. By having these types of events and topics of daily practice, it will definitely make practitioners more knowledgeable"
- Saggar Jalal, HOM, MBBS

The continuous education provided by Anil and Nishant has always been very helpful and practical.  Our homeopathic community is very fortunate to be able to learn from such experienced experts.  Going forward , many homeopaths will find great value in their informative sessions, and will appreciate the strong network of homeopaths that is being created.
- Karen Guenther 

I'm sending you my honest observation and comments on the way I see the courses presently  conducted at Essence Medical College of Homeopathy. I CONGRATULATE, ANIL SHARMA and YOU both for the long hours and hard work put,to demonstrate the high Quality of Educational Courses in Homeopathy made available to the students who want to pursue their higher career.

," ANIL SHARMA and NISHANT BABUSENAN are like thoroughbreds. They are harnessed in their PHILOSOPHICAL thinking to produce high quality education to Homeopaths who so desire to advance and thereby help the Community at large.

Their meticulous approach in designing Homeopathic Course Material is gratifying. The Tutorial Handouts, Power Point Presentations, followed by Professional Staff experiences and detail explanation of the course material, prepares the students to pursue their GOAL with great confidence. The student gains a wealth of knowledge. I would solicit individuals to take appropriate courses provided by the Essence Medical College to enhance their practice in Homeopathy. Take the initiative first step and find out yourself. It can only help you.
- D. Printer. PhD., HOM.

They were very informative. Easy to incorporate into everyday practice.                                 Lyle Leffler, HOM

Gain good knowledge about cardiology. Everything was well explained.

 Meera Natt, HOM

It was a pleasure to participate in your seminar. I was impressed how much hands on it was. It was exactly what we need for the everyday practice. 

- Irina Vorotynskaya, HOM

Course Instructors Sajeev and Nishant are extremely knowledgeable and share their vast experience in differentiating for the Homeopath what is an acceptable General Physical Examination of the patient within a Homeopathic framework and provincial regulations. These are skills all homeopaths should have for now and in the near future. It is a fun course where learning happens and all questions are answered. This course will help you aid your patients better and appear more polished and professional and thus help promote Homeopathy as a safe complementary modality!

Domenic Stanghini  Hom, DiHom(Pract), CGP

This course was very well done and very informative. I was interested from the start to the end. Both instructors was knowledgeable and most of all very pleasant and helpful. 

I am looking forward to do more seminar in the future. The certificate look very professional.

France Basic, HOM

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