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Post Graduate Diploma in Homeopathic Cardiology

I'm sending you my honest observation and comments on the way I see the courses presently conducted at Essence Medical College of Homeopathy. I CONGRATULATE, ANIL SHARMA and YOU both for the long hours and hard work put,to demonstrate the high Quality of Educational Courses in Homeopathy made available to the students who want to pursue their higher career. ,"ANIL SHARMA and NISHANT BABUSENAN are like thoroughbreds. They are harnessed in their PHILOSOPHICAL thinking to produce high quality education to Homeopaths who so desire to advance and thereby help the Community at large. Their meticulous approach in designing Homeopathic Course Material is gratifying. The Tutorial Handouts, Power Point Presentations, followed by Professional Staff experiences and detail explanation of the course material, prepares the students to pursue their GOAL with great confidence. The student gains a wealth of knowledge. I would solicit individuals to take appropriate courses provided by the Essence Medical College to enhance their practice in Homeopathy. Take the initiative first step and find out yourself. It can only help you.- D. Printer. PhD., HOM.
The homeopathic Cardiology course has opened a new field of potential patients. It has filled me with confidence to treat hypertension, angina, and other cardiology conditions with knowledge to make a difference in the patients' lives - Alexandra Gellman, HOM, Ph.D
At Essence College the whole team of teachers is the best to guide the students.- Kuldip Randhawa, HOM
They were very informative. Easy to incorporate into everyday practice.- Lyle Leffler, HOM
Gain good knowledge about cardiology. Everything was well explained.- Meera Natt, HOM
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