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Workshop on Physical Examination

It was a pleasure to participate in your seminar. I was impressed how much hands on it was. It was exactly what we need for the everyday practice.- Irina Vorotynskaya, HOM
Course Instructors Sajeev and Nishant are extremely knowledgeable and share their vast experience in differentiating for the Homeopath what is an acceptable General Physical Examination of the patient within a Homeopathic framework and provincial regulations. These are skills all homeopaths should have for now and in the near future. It is a fun course where learning happens and all questions are answered. This course will help you aid your patients better and appear more polished and professional and thus help promote Homeopathy as a safe complementary modality!- Domenic Stanghini Hom, DiHom(Pract), CGP
This course was very well done and very informative. I was interested from the start to the end. Both instructors was knowledgeable and most of all very pleasant and helpful. I am looking forward to do more seminar in the future. The certificate look very professional.- France Basic, HOM
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