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About NMCH

NMCH a leader in homeopathic education in Canada. If you are reading this because you are interested in becoming a Homeopathic Medical Practitioner then you couldn't have landed at a better place. NMCH is comprised of an abounding expanse of homeopathic knowledge, not only in theory, but in clinical practice. We offer a variety of educational platforms from one day courses in Clinical Management of various categories of pathology to our Diploma program. We understand that ideal learning is accomplished in an environment conducive with study and our speciality is to teach and guide individuals to become outstanding clinicians from the moment they launch their private practice.

Our vision is to create homeopathic masters through masterful education and our goal is to establish homeopathic professionals who are master healers within their communities.

Why Enroll at NMCH? 

Because we provide exceptional training that furnishes graduates with the skills & knowledge to establish highly successful practices. You will observe and be guided with superior instruction by our faculty that comprises of many decades of homeopathic & medical wisdom. Upon graduating from our diploma program, you would have learnt the medical sciences such as Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, toxicology, physical examination and the like, have acquired much hands on clinical experience and will be able to converse comfortably with medical doctors or feel comfortable offering primary care in an integrative clinical setting. We know what it takes to deliver superior patient care.

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