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Understanding Competencies to Make Application to the College of Homeopaths- Testimonials

An absolute necessary class for any one who wants to get registered with the College of Homeopaths. It has helped me in every which way it was possible to be helped. Clear directions were given with tons of examples and material. Great class! - Ruby Gill, Hom

It's absolutely amazing and unbelievable how much effort Nishant puts into making sure each and every student understood how to write the cases for the application. I'm deeply grateful and appreciative for Nishant's help with our process of submitting the cases"- - Julia Fridmar, HOM

This is a great class. It really guides you through the process. Nishant is very patient, and lets us know what needs to be done and what is important."- -Renu Qazi, HOM, MBBS

It is always a pleasure to be a part of these seminars that are given by the faculty of CMC of Homeopathy. Thanks guys."- -Anna Berger, HOM

Nishant's class was invaluable in demystifying both the application process as well as content requirements to make application to the College of Homeopaths"- - Birgitta Adrian-Morley

Nishant's Competency Class is well worth it. Nishant presents in a clear, organized manner and clarifies each issue. It makes all the difference after you have finished the class in enabling you to start the process with confidence. It is a must!- - Karen Guenther, HOM

I am so pleased to say that the knowledge and professionalism of Nishant and Anil exceeds anything I have done regarding homeopathy before. It will be wonderful to see this become the next "College" for new students and post graduates. There is so much to learn and so much for both Anil and Nishant to teach us. I look forward to being a part of this."- - Stephanie Marwood, HOM

Nishant is a great presenter that demystifies the complex TC requirements and translates it into simple language we can easily understand to complete the application process"- Domenic Stanghini, HOM

I felt intimidated by the entire process of applying to College of Homeopaths. I must say that at the end of today I felt much more confident that I could meet all the competencies with easiness and confidence, and all this due to the presenter, Nishant Babusenan." - Angelica Necula, HOM
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