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Ravi Kancharla


Kancharla’s credentials are impeccable. After earning a Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery Degree, and opening his own clinic, he also worked as a teacher in Homeopathic Institutions and was a Resident Medical Officer in a private medical hospital in India. Since moving to Canada in 1998, Kancharla obtained the D.I. Hom with the British Institute of Homeopathy and was awarded the F.B.I.H. Kancharla is a member of the National Association of Naturopaths and Acupuncture and the Naturopath Association of Nova Scotia and the Ontario Homeopathic Association. Kancharla also belongs to the Moncton Homeopathic Association which is a non-profit organization which serves to bring an awareness of natural medicine to the Moncton and southeast New Brunswick areas. Kancharla also serves as a community leader in the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s fundraising initiatives.

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