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Nishant Babusenan

Academic Dean

Nishant a young fervent and Articulate Practitioner, originated from a family of homeopath’s in practice for 60 plus years. He completed his B.H.M.S (Bachelors in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery), a five and a half year program, from MGR Medical University, after which he completed his M.Sc in Psychology. Nishant has always been a service oriented individual and possesses tremendous leadership qualities. He also lectured on the subject of Surgery at Venkateshwara Homeo Medical College and he is known for his speciality at being an inspiration for all those who seek knowledge and guidance. He has written many published articles on topics such as asthma, dysmenorrhoea, constipation, women’s health and children’s health, etc. He believes Homeopathy, a gentle system of medicine with no toxic effects, is the best way to treat a disease. Hahnemann said that “Like cures Like” Nishant says: “Belief cures Life”. Nishant also completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research from the Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical, Toronto, Canada.He runs a successful homeopathic clinic in Brampton, Ontario and has delivered more than 75 continuing education lectures. He sits on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Homeopathic Association and has been working diligently for and towards the upliftment of Homeopathy in Canada.


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