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Dr. Navneet Bidani

International Faculty

A 3rd generation homoeopath, Dr. Navneet Bidani is having successful track record of treating thousands of patients suffering from acute and chronic diseases with homoeopathy and psycho-therapy over the last 20 years. He is having extensive knowledge relating to human psychology, personality disorders, psychosis and stress apart from other physical complaints. A respected mentor who is specialized in homoeopathic repertorisation and case-taking. He is having an excellent communications and problem solving skills and he swiftly identifies the root cause of any problem and develops effective solutions. Dr. Navneet Bidani has always been interested in teaching, mentoring, child psychology and academic activities. Spreading the knowledge about right and healthy living in the society, organizing seminars and awareness camps is his biggest passion since graduation days.

A renowned author, and have written more than 100 articles on the subject of mental health, human psychology, homoeopathy and associated matter for dailies and National as well as International Medical Journals and earned good words from readers. of patient-care.

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