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Deepti Tebeck


Deepti Tebeck is a Homeopath graduated from “The Homeopathic Institute of North America”, and is practicing in Brampton, Ontario since 2001. She has inherited homeopathy and its professional practice from her father and mentor, Dr. BAL Raj Gandhi who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery from Nehru Medical College, India. He specializes in chronic back problems, orthopedics, multiple sclerosis, asthma and other forms of allergies, and has been practicing homeopathy for over 30 years in India.

Deepti also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Surgery from India, and has practiced as a dental surgeon before re-locating to Canada. During this time, she also assisted her father in his homeopathy clinic, which then led her to pursue her passion in Homeopathy in Canada.

Deepti Tebeck presents the ‘new face’ of modern and scientific homeopathy, specializing in homeopathic treatment for oral and dental problems. She not only offers the best of homeopathic treatment, but sets international standards in Good Homeopathic Medical Practice (GHMP). Her in-depth knowledge in homeopathy complements her dedication and firm belief in the medicine.

She is a member of Ontario Homeopathic Association. Her professional commitment and dedication to give the best health advise to her patients comes naturally to her because of her innermost desire to help the people who are suffering.

Despite her busy schedule, she volunteers at access centers to help new immigrants settle as soon as possible, by assisting them in finding jobs, accommodation and giving valuable advice for further education and learning English language. In cases where new immigrants face health problems, she most willingly suggests and donates homeopathic medicines to relieve their suffering, hence reducing their health costs if they don’t have health coverage. Serving people is Deepti’s passion, and she goes above and beyond to fulfill this passion of hers.

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