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We at EMCH will respect all of our students and applicants and we do not tolerate discrimination based on race, sex, sexual orientation, handicap, ethnic origin, etc and abide by the Ontario Human Rights Code.

We welcome your application and all applicants are encouraged to submit their applications for September enrollment by August 1st and for January enrollment by December 1st. Applications should be submitted to the Admissions department, (address or email address)


We welcome your application for the Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Medical Sciences Program. As a pre-requisite, you have a High School Diploma or equivalent to include an OAC in either science, biology, chemistry or physics and a post- secondary education is recommended.

Students who do not meet the above pre-requisite should contact our Admissions department and may apply under the "extraordinary status application". Students applying for the Diploma in Homeopathic medicine and Medical sciences program should have an Ontario Secondary school Diploma with the equivalent of OACs in Chemistry and Biology, and at least 2-3 years of post secondary education from college or university. A Bachelor's degree is strongly recommended. You can apply online today.

Those students who do not hold the above requirements may apply under "Special Student" status (contact the office for details).

Applying for advance standing:

Students may apply for a course exemption if they have successfully completed a course. We require that you provide us with a copy of your transcript and a course outline from your school. EMCH will verify your request and if your exemption request is denied, you may sit a challenge examination for those subjects.


Please complete the application form, sign and date it and return it to the Director of Admissions at EMCH.

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