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NMCH Clinics

Welcome to NMCH Clinics, A leader in treating health complaints with homeopathy. Our team of healthcare practitioners works diligently to ensure our patients achieve optimal care through natural methods of treatment. The team of homeopaths at NMCH are medically qualified and trained in specific homeopathic protocols that ensure to provide our patients rapid, gentle, permanent restoration of health.

Why NMCH Clinics?

  • Experienced team of homeopaths.

  • Homeopaths at NMCH are specialized in treating both acute and Chronic ailments

  • We use advanced homeopathic protocols.

  • All medications used at our Clinics are made in Canada or are approved by Health Canada.

  • We aim at providing rapid, gentle, permanent restoration of health using single, simple homeopathic medications.

  • Our team go through constant upgrading by attending seminars and workshops to keep themselves up to date.

  • All homeopaths at NMCH Clinics are registered with College of Homeopaths, Ontario & member of the Ontario Homeopathic Medical Association.

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